Phillip Street, Maddington

Phillip Street and River Ave, Maddington
Clay Grading, Screening, Bulk Earthworks, Retaining Walls, Underground Services, Roads, Bio-Detention Basins.

Phillip Street, Maddington was a 20,000m2, 42 lot infill subdivision that backed onto the Canning River. The Department of Parks and Wildlife was heavily involved in the project and conducted regular inspections and testing of the waterways to ensure our Environmental Management Plan was effective. This included the retention of any stormwater on site during the construction process until the Bio-Detention basins were constructed at the end of the project and the installation of a sediment fence along the river edge to prevent contamination.

The Phillip Street earthworks involved screening 10,000m3 of topsoil, 5,000m3 of clay grading and 8,000m3 of import sand fill. We also installed all services to lots, roads, footpaths, retaining walls and the bio-detention basins.

Delta Civil also installed the rock pitched swale on the bank of the river, which served as the outlet from the main bio-detention basin.