Corpus Christi College

Murdoch Drive, Bateman
Pritchard Francis
Earthworks, Polished Concrete Terraced Seating, Fencing, Stormwater Drainage, Multi-Purpose Courts (Tennis/Basketball/Netball).

Completed in June 2015, as a forward works package for a new school gymnasium, Delta Civil were engaged to construct new multi-purpose courts covering approximately 4,500m2, along with associated infrastructure. Delta Civil completed these works with minimal interference to the school which continued to operate throughout the construction period.

Initial earthworks involved clearing and the cutting/ shaping of a batter adjacent to the courts, to be used as a tiered viewing area retaining the adjacent road verge. This tiered viewing area was constructed using Holcim Decorative Concrete (Magnolia) honed washed aggregate and constructed in multiple stages.

The court surface was constructed, as designed, with a 1% grade allowing drainage into an ACO drain running the entire length of the court. This court was then finished with a 3 coat acrylic surface. Blockwork walls and piers along with perimeter fencing completed the court works.

In addition to the court works Delta Civil undertook the installation and realignment of approximately 400m of 3m deep stormwater within the school grounds. These works, whilst liaising with the school throughout construction, were completed safely and without incident.