Chittering Springs Estate Stages 3 & 4

Maddern Road, Chittering
Clearing, Bulk Earthworks, Stormwater Drainage, Rural Roads.

Completed in June 2015, this rural subdivision had over 14,000m2 of road spanning 1.5km. Constructed from a clay base leading up to winter the emphasis was on efficient work to avoid any delays that the wet weather can bring with the end result being 21 x 2.5-5 acre lots.

Initial earthworks through what was farm and orchard land involved up to 6m of cut and totalled 10,000m3 of Cut to fill.

As the in-situ material was a sandy, gravely clay we had to provide nuclear testing at all stages of construction for the clients QA, passing at every stage. To follow the natural contours of the land, the road was designed with steep grades and run off batters.

Stage 3 was added part way through the construction of Stage 4 as a variation and completion was to be incorporated into the original program. Practical Completion was achieved ahead of schedule for both stages.

Included in the scope of works were the driveway crossovers, drainage culvert crossings and stone pitched v-drains. The v-drains totalled 1.6km which were pitched with laterite spalls up to 1m in depth.