Delta Civil’s Workplace Health Safety Environment & Quality (WHSEQ) Department is managed by Ivan Roberts. With over 23 years of industry experience in WHSEQ, Ivan guides a team of professionals to create value, by aiding the business to comply with its accredited WHSEQ Integrated Management System and relevant government legislation. The team works with personnel at all levels to prosper safe work practices and an enviable positive safety culture.

Delta Civil has maintained accreditation to the Civil Contractors Federation Civil Construction Management Code for several years and actively encourages continual improvement of processes and systems in all aspects of our business. WHSE Management Plans and Quality / Project Management Plans are specifically created to match individual project requirements, and are reviewed during the lifecycle of the project to ensure they remain relevant to achieve the stated objectives.

Delta Civil actively subscribes to Safety as our number one priority. We have a no compromise approach to safety standards. To achieve this aim, personnel are given the level of responsibility and accountability they require to employ risk management strategies which ensure, as far as practicable, that they remain safe while at work. Our goal is for no incidents or injuries, and we diligently engage our personnel at all stages of projects to safeguard them from hazards and risks.

Some of the strategies Delta Civil uses to ensure an informed and safe workforce include:
A Near Miss Incident Reporting system where potential issues are discussed and preventive measures are implemented to avoid a serious incident occurring.

  • Regular WHSEQ progress review meetings with senior management to monitor the effectiveness of the WHSEQ Management System and improvement opportunities.
  • Handover and Pre-Mobilisation Meetings with the Construction / Operational team members.
  • Daily Pre-Start Briefings on all project sites.
  • Daily Pre-Start Inspection Checks of all plant, light vehicles and minor plant.
  • Regular Toolbox Talks regarding current project scope risks and their mitigation.

Quality, hard work and integrity form the core of our business philosophy, and we believe this culture is the foundation of our success now and in the future. Click here to view our policies.

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